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Benchmark Request

Plan Sponsors have a fiduciary responsibility to make sure that their plan pays only "reasonable" 401(k) fees. This includes all fees paid from plan assets, including the hidden ones (generally mutual fund expense ratios). The reason for this is that higher fees lower total returns to participants. We'll review your plan to look for hidden fees, show you how much you're actually paying, and provide a suggestion on how to lower fees.

To receive a benchmark report, follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Locate Your Current 408(b)(2) Fee Disclosure

The Department of Labor requires your existing plan to provide this disclosure to you on an annual basis. This disclosure should show all of the direct fees that the plan is paying including any revenue sharing fees from investments. It should be on your current plans website.

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Step 2:  Locate Your Current Plan Assets Statement

This statement should show the total balance and name of each investments in the plan. We will need this because each mutual fund has an internal management fee that you do not see. There is a big difference between a fund that charges 1-1/2% internal management fee and one that charges .05% management fee.

Step 3:  Send Request

Complete this form and click the submit button. we will send you instructions on where to email the above two files to.

Once we receive the files we will prepare a benchmark report and email it back to you for your review.