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Retirement Plans We Offer.

A retirement plan has lots of benefits for you, your business and your employees. Retirement plans allow you to invest now for financial security when you and your employees retire. As a bonus, you and your employees get significant tax advantages and other incentives.

​We are experts at this. We can help you design the correct plan to meet your needs. Here are a few plan types.

Traditional 401(k) Plan

Best used for employers who want to offer employees the benefit of a retirement plan. Depending upon employee contribution levels, maximizing owner contributions may not be a high priority.

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Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan

Best used for employers who may have IRS discrimination testing issues. Owners and employees who wish to contribute up to the IRS maximum limits without concern for failure of IRS tests.

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Cross Tested 401(k) Plan

A type of 401k Plan that is ideal for companies with wide age disparity and owners hoping to maximize contributions. Custom designed to benefit certain types of employees based on age, classification, etc.

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